Enjoy Prediction And Get Risk Free Rewards

Newwit is the first app that allows you to have fun predicting while earn risk-free rewards by contributing to AI model training.

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Newwit believes in crowd-sourced wisdom

Researchers have proven that some people have better foresight than others in each domain. In other words, the best predictors in each domain are different and decentralized.

Newwit is the first application to systematically collect and reward crowd wisdom. We track and identify the best predictors and train our proprietary AI model to utilize crowd wisdom.

Centralized "experts" and "opinions" are biased and unreliable

"Expert" predictions are everywhere. No one ever tracks their accuracy. Very often they have a biased view or are endorsed by third-party stakeholders.

Newwit is here to encourage objective and accurate predictions. Everyone can contribute as a predictor. All participants will be entitled to rewards for their contributions.


Want to earn, learn and play at the same time? With Newwit, GameFi and SocialFi are no longer for leisure only.



Predict the outcome of your interested events. Climb up leaderboard to earn $WIS.


Explain your prediction, discuss and interact with the community. Meaningful contributions are eligible for extra rewards


Earn referral bonuses by helping us grow our community.

Many topics to make predictions on

News headlines of various topics are ready for your prediction and discussion everyday.

World Cup

AI-Powered Predictions

Our model is trained to identify the best predictors by combining the best inputs to output the final prediction.

Trained by the crowd

Using players' predictions and comments, the AI model learns from the crowd and finds the best predictors in each prediction event.

Used by the crowd

The final model is open for all users to use. Players can spend the tokens earned to get final prediction and confidence score of the AI model.

Earned by the crowd

Profits generated by the AI model will be distributed to the community as rewards and incentives for continued contributions.

Our Token Roadmap

Combining the best technology and community, we will release the world's first crypto backed by prediction power.

Idea and Team Formation

Apr, 2021 to Jun, 2021

Brainstorming and ideation. High level architecture completed. Received funding support from angel investors.

Platform Development Starts

Jun, 2022 to Q2 2022

Game and social media platform development in progress. Crypto token smart contracts development started.

Public Beta and Airdrop

Q4 2023

The Newwit App will release its first public beta on the App Store and Play Store.

Newwit NFT Marketplace and Token Listing


Newwit will officially list its token on major exchange.

Frequently Asked Questions

All true innovations sound confusing in the beginning. Newwit is no exception. We welcome your questions.

Is Newwit another crypto betting app?

No, Newwit is not a betting app. Players will not lose any money. You are not betting against anymore. Your objective is to earn as much in game token WIT as you can. WIS tokens are given according to your ranking in WIT leaderboard.

Is Newwit another prediction market?

No, this is not another prediction market like Polymarket. Each question just asks for your opinion, there is no price and contract. You are rewarded for consistent performance and contribution, not the outcome of a single prediction.

What is the ultimate objective of the project?

The ultimate objective of this project is to train a decentralized AI model using crowd wisdom in order to better predict the future.